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Designed to served as a creative hub for everyone

The Fox Hotel is designed to get the best out of you, to help drive you to your next adventure, whether to create a new project, to write a music piece, to write a best seller book or simply for an spiritual escape and elevated new experiences.

We believe in your talents, and we want to help you reach the artist in you. You can be sure that everyone here loves what you do, feel free to meet new and interesting people. Ask without fear, artists enjoy helping others artist.

Modern & Forward

Enjoy the vibrant and unique atmosphere. The Fox Hotel is bringing you a complete experience to magnify your senses and allowing you to free yourself in the best and most amazing environment.


Located in Ponce's Heart

An iconic landmark located at the vital center of Ponce historic district surrounded by a vibrant and diverse ecosystem of mureums, monuments, shop, restaurants, cafes and art galleries, the Historic District is an extension of the Fox Hotel urban experience

10 mins

from the port

15 mins

to airport

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